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Generative AI:
Why it’s Time to Secure Your Data Pipeline

Learn why a layered approach to data security can be the difference between success and catastrophe.
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Complimentary Gartner® Report

The Feb 2024 Gartner® Strategic Roadmap for Storage recommends employing active cyberstorage defense capabilities to detect and thwart cyberattacks.

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Secure your AI data pipeline with cyberstorage protection the way you want it

Only Superna protects your file and object storage from cyberthreats using security tools you already have. Our AI-enabled data-layer security and robust integrations allow real-time detection and response to a rapidly-evolving threat landscape.

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Innovation in Data Protection and Defense for Cyberstorage

Superna is the global leader in data security and cyberstorage solutions for unstructured data, with the widest platform support of any cyberstorage vendor in the market.

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Prevention is the new recovery

Automatically detect exfiltration and other anomalous events and trigger AirGap to mitigate impact of ransomware attacks.

Active Data Security

Active security at the data level for increased resiliency, to minimize disruption of business operations.

Forensics and Compliance

Real-time auditing for proactive protection of data, with automated responses to security events. Supports forensics, performance auditing, and compliance initiatives.

Superna Industry Solutions

More than 90 percent of all the digital data on the planet is unstructured – over 75 Zetabytes! – and it’s growing daily. It’s big, it’s difficult to manage, it’s business critical, and – worst of all – much of it remains unprotected. At Superna, we’ve spent more than 15 years perfecting the engineering that helps close that security gap, providing cyber defense at the data layer. Because stopping an attack before it wreaks havoc is much easier than recovering from one

How Superna Helps

Orchestrate, manage, and secure your unstructured data wherever it resides

Data Security

Automated response to ransomware and other cyber events, with automated disaster recovery operations for increased resiliency.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery failover orchestration and automation for Dell Isilon/PowerScale, with continuous DR readiness monitoring. Provides planned and unplanned failover and failback orchestration.

Data Orchestration

Optimized, scalable, high speed file-to-object-to-file transfers with full file provenance stored in an open, vendor-neutral format.

Data Insights

Robust, scalable indexing and reporting to support forensics and compliance initiatives.

Defender for AWS S3

Unified hyperscaler audit and defense solution that combines proven technologies, and next-generation defense capabilities, purpose-built for cloud environments.

Superna Security Solutions

Protect your unstructured data against security threats, data leakage, exfiltration, and other cyberthreats, with detailed event logging for forensic analysis.

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Audit & Compliance

Process and track data movement and change events in real time to meet compliance and regulatory standards.

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Search & Recover

Identify compromised or at-risk data faster and more easily.

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Modern orchestration. Zero-Trust APIs. Robust protection.

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Disaster Recovery
Easy-to-use, high-availability Disaster Recovery solution allows data to be replicated to one or more targets, with automatic audits for DR readiness,
When You Need
Active Data Security
SImplifies data recovery operations, decreasing recovery time and increasing recovery reliability, with automated response to security events.
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Ransomware Defense in the AWS Cloud
Unified audit and defense solution with next-generation defense capabilities, optimized for the hybrid cloud.

Ready to bolster your cyberstorage defense?

Superna’s innovative technologies allow you to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from ransomware attacks.

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