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Cyber Vault Solution

Smart Air-gap Technology

The world’s most secure cyber vault solution for protecting unstructured data in the hybrid cloud.

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Increase in ransomware attacks since February 2023
Of potentially sensitive data generated per second by the average employee
Number of cyber attacks every day

Why choose Superna for cyber vault?

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How Superna can help your organization

Complete Data Security

Experience instant recovery with the industry’s only day-zero recovery cyber vault solution.

Zero-day Recovery for Attacks

Delivers maximum data protection with a fully automated cyber vault and containerized data protection for unstructured data.

Ensures Investment Protection

Provides the lowest cost data retention solution, which leverages existing hybrid cloud storage architectures.

The cyber vault tool you need to protect your data at the lowest cost

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Cyber Vault
Smart Air-Gap Technology
Superna Cyber Vault Ensures investment protection with the lowest cost data retention solution for hybrid cloud storage architectures and fully automates reporting on synced data and integrated vault cluster hardware.

Cyber Vault Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions we receive about the cyber vault and our answers.

How does a cyber vault work?

A cyber vault provides a layer of security by isolating your data from access in what is known as an air gap. By having your data stored in a way that is otherwise inaccessible, you allow for a more effective cyber recovery in the event of a data breach as you’ve protected your data in a state that was previously unaffected by malware or ransomware.

Is it safe to use a cyber vault?

Cyber vaults are safe to use, and encouraged as they provide additional cyber resilience in the event of cyber attacks.

Add cyber vault capabilities to your security stack today.

Protect your unstructured data in the hybrid cloud with Superna.

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