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Data Security for A Leading U.S. Healthcare Service Network

  • Date: Dec 14, 2023
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Superna Provides Data Security for A Leading U.S. Healthcare Service Network


Following the media coverage of increased ransomware attacks, particularly in the healthcare industry, this client knew they needed to bolster their defenses against cyberthreats.

Once Superna was in place, they also identified opportunities to improve failover automation to streamline processes, and looked for new methods of adding increased levels of defense for their data.


  • For the last 5 years, this healthcare service provider has been using Superna’s ransomware defender capabilities to monitor and report against cyber attacks, without any incidents in that time.
  • The team also leverages failover automation to streamline their processes and reduce strain and the manual effort required to run failovers.
  • They have also implemented a virtual air gap through Superna that instantly suspends access to data upon detection of anomalous behavior until administrator intervention occurs, adding an additional layer of security.
  • Recently, this client has started to leverage the expertise of our professional services team via our Observer Service, providing them added peace of mind with their failovers.

“[Superna] makes us look like superheroes. It was super easy, fast, and effective.”

— IT Storage Engineer


  • Automated Processes. “Helping us automate the failover process for a number of our applications does it a lot easier, and if we were to do it on our own, we wouldn’t be able to tell you how many steps are involved. Once it’s properly setup and automated, it allows you to do a lot of those processes up front.“
  • Ease of Use. “The failover process is much smoother now… that’s the biggest win. It reduces the effort and frustration… and if I can’t run the process, I can have one of my coworkers step in with a little bit of documentation and they can easily do it as well.“
  • Time Savings. “It makes things quicker and takes a number of minutes instead of the hours if you were to do it for yourself – 30 minutes to an hour manually, and now we’re down to 5 minutes.”

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