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Superna delivers the world’s most cyber-secure solution for protecting unstructured data in the hybrid cloud.
Automatic event monitoring to prevent cybersecurity breaches.
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Protect data anytime, anywhere with an advanced data security solution suite.
Ensure instantaneous recovery, clean remediation, and immediate restoration of data and reduce costly downtime.
Monitor and manage your data across any hybrid cloud storage architecture or environment.
All organizations today are under a constant barrage of cyber threats, with a malicious attack occurring every 11 seconds and costing organizations millions of dollars per attack.

Superna delivers real time, automated orchestration, visibility, and analytics for data movement and cyber threat events. Proprietary Data Loss Prevention (DLP) functionality automatically defends against accidental or malicious mass deletions. The solution includes active auditing capabilities that identifies potential data loss events and automatically reverts back to the original data path – restoring only the original, uncorrupted clean data.
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