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Unstructured Data Loss Prevention Solution

Cyber Attack Defense

Superna delivers the world’s most cyber-secure solution for protecting unstructured data in the hybrid cloud.

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Number of cyber attacks every day
Of organizations experience more than 6 days of downtime following a cyber event
Days to fully repair the damage from a cyber attack

Why choose Superna for cyber attack defense?

Superna’s suite of tools offers automatic event monitoring to prevent cybersecurity breaches as well as accidental data loss.

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How Superna can help your organization

Full Protection

Monitor and manage your structured and unstructured data across any hybrid cloud storage architecture or environment.

Live Monitoring

Protect data anytime, anywhere with an advanced data security solution suite.

Save resources and time

Ensure instantaneous recovery, clean remediation, and immediate restoration of data and reduce costly downtime.

The cyber attack defense tools you need to defend your business- critical data.

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Cyber Attack Defense
Detect. Respond. Recover.
Activate real-time, automated orchestration, visibility, and analytics for data movement and cyber threat events.

Cyber Attack Defense Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions we receive about cyber attack defense and our answers.

How do you manage data loss prevention?

Using Superna’s unstructured data loss prevention solution, your organization takes the steps to protect your valuable business information from things such as ransomware and accidental data loss.

How does a DLP solution work?

When storing things including personally identifiable information in order to meet regulatory compliance, our solution monitors at the data level to identify abnormal access attempts and block them the moment malicious behavior is detected.

Ready to protect and secure your data?

Protect your organization from loss of revenue, disruption of business, and mitigate the cost of a cyber attack with Superna.

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