Storage Infrastructure Optimization
Superna delivers intelligent data management that reduces storage costs and complexity.
Superna provides intelligent data management that controls the capex and opex costs driven by massive data growth.
Reduce hybrid cloud storage costs
Investment Protection
Intelligent orchestration
Native Integrations
Leverages existing scale out NAS and hybrid cloud storage environments.
Reduce time to value and increase ROI with support for any S3 bucket, enabling access to all advanced target storage capabilities.
Cost effectively manage storage data capacity and data lifecycles across multiple hybrid cloud storage architectures.
As data grows, storage costs grow along with it.

Organizations are faced with managing billions of files across a growing number of applications and hybrid storage environments. As data proliferates, the costs and complexity of managing data storage capacity and data lifecycles grows with it. Superna contains and controls rising storage costs driven by explosive data growth with intelligent storage management and data orchestration. Integrated management, orchestration and data security reduces complexity and costs of managing multiple solutions and architectures.

Native integration with scale out and cloud storage architectures provide the ability to universally manage and orchestrate dynamic data pools across any hybrid cloud infrastructure. Superna allows organizations to grow along with their data Leveraging the existing invest
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