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Superna Data Security Essentials

Unified protection against ransomware and other cyberthreats

Data security, simplified

Superna’s Data Security Essentials provides a unified data protection solution that detects ransomware-associated file extensions and suspicious user behavior. It allows you to intervene immediately to stop suspicious user activity, and conduct thorough incident investigations and forensic reporting.

It includes a range of features: quotas to optimize resource allocation; the blocking of dangerous and unwanted file types; comprehensive auditing capabilities for full audit trails; and automated file management policies in support of data governance. Powered by a comprehensive – and continually updated – database of identified ransomware threats and advanced write-blocking technology, Data Security Essentials provides strong protection against cyberattacks. 


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Ransomware protection at the storage layer

Unstructured… and unprotected

While organizations have taken steps to harden databases, unstructured data has become the new front in the war against cybercriminals. Attackers can and will encrypt data and demand ransom, permanently delete or exfiltrate data for sale on the dark web, even conduct corporate espionage. Your best defense is agood offense.

Detect both bad actors and insider threats

Superna’s Data Security Essentials allows you to protect sensitive data from suspicious activity indicative of malicious behaviors and even insider threats.

Security across the data lifecycle

Data Security Essentials enables a real-time response with “write blocking” technology when an active or passive threat is detected. The solution can also detect and block against denial of service (DoS) attacks with automated responses such as blocking access to the file share, disabling the user’s account permissions in Active Directory, and even logging the user out of their workstation.

Ransomware Detection and Prevention

Detect active or passive threats and enable write-blocking technology in real-time, instantly stopping malicious activity in its tracks.

Secure File Management

Block unwanted file types from being stored on corporate file shares, define advanced file management policies, and enforce quota management policies to better manage storage consumption.

Data Forensics & Incident Investigation

Track real-time user activity and historical behavior for faster and more accurate incident investigation and support data governance.

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