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Superna Data Security Edition

Protect file and object data from cyberthreats

Proactively bridging the gap between backups and snapshots

With Superna, you can defend against security threats, protecting data from leakage, ransomware, and cyberthreats. By focusing on a “data first” strategy, Superna’s tools for security, analytics and protection can help you reduce risk and achieve better business results.

Superna’s Data Security Edition

Superna’s Data Security Edition is a highly scalable, real-time event processing solution that employs user behavior analytics to detect and halt ransomware and other cyberattacks. By monitoring user file system access, Superna detects changes to users’ normal data access patterns. When administrator-defined thresholds are met, Superna can take defensive action to prevent major damage and minimize recovery time.

Superna allows you to detect, stop and recover from ransomware attacks and other cyberthreats on Dell Isilon, PowerScale, and ECS storage platforms.

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Highlights of Superna's Data Security Edition

Superna's Data Security Edition bridges the gap between backups and snapshots
  • Real-time detection of ransomware and other cyberthreats on file and object data
  • Quickly identifies and stops bad actors in their tracks
  • Monitor and report on anomalous activity executed by bad actors
  • Automated false positive detection learns from expected behaviors
  • One-click recovery from previous unaffected snapshots
  • File auditing for compliance
  • Active auditing with real-time security audit triggers
  • Zero-Trust API for 3rd-party integrations (Webhooks, ServiceNow for workflow automation)
  • Optional AirGap (sold separately) for enhanced security and recoverability
Robust, automated reporting
  • Top active users
  • Least accessed shared by user
  • Share access report
  • Login reports
  • Where did that file/folder go?
  • Who deleted or moved that?
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Learn how Superna can help you proactively bridge the gap between backups and snapshots, protecting your most valuable data from cyberthreats both internal, and external.

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Real time threat detection, alerting, mitigation with attacker lockout

Universal file and object threat mitigation

for object storage environments

Defends against untrusted or malicious data behaviors

including ransomware, exfiltration, mass delete, and untrusted network access

Provides post-breach analysis

for compliance and forensics with infected files logged for recovery

Based on industry best practices

established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Superna's Data Security Edition allows you to monitor and audit multiple production clusters from a single user interface

Allows you to easily monitor multiple production clusters from a single user interface.

Scales to billions of records

using HDFS on PowerScale; eliminates need for external storage and high-performance computing

Uses native auditing feature

on Dell PowerScale

Snapshot and backup of audit database

for long term retention

The only scalable audit solution

for SMB / NFS / HDFS / S3

Restore previous audit databases

or bulk ingest existing audit events

Logs ingested via NFS and API

to ensure real-time performance

Real time parallel syslog forwarding

allows for seamless SIEM integration

Virtual appliance

no hardware appliance required

Create your own triggers to get alerted and have snapshots taken when:

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Mass Delete
Detect, react and prevent an amount of files deleted from a specified folder
Data Loss Prevention
Detect and prevent bulk data copying of sensitive data
Custom Policies
Create custom policies that will alert you whenever a specific behavior occurs on the filesystem

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