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Data Security and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Managing risk in the age of ransomware with protection embedded at the data layer

How Superna Complements VAST

Ransomware Defense
  • Ransomware detection. Detect suspicious user behavior patterns, file extensions, and honeypot activity.
  • Ransomware lockout. Suspicious activity thresholds trigger automatic user lockout for immediate protection.
  • Ransomware recovery. Instantaneous snapshots are taken using NFS exports and SMB shares when suspicious activity is detected.
  • Security tooling integration. Set up Webhooks, a Zero Trust API, and integrations with popular IT security and operations platforms like ServiceNow, Splunk, and Palo Alto Networks that feed Superna data into the central dashboards and alerting mechanisms for seamless monitoring.
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Planned failover/fail back. Simplify and orchestrate the process of switching operating environments with an automatic inventory of services and storage to help you configure smart alerts and jobs.
  • Unplanned failover. Orchestrate failover to another facility to minimize interruption of services when an event or disaster is detected that impacts access to data.
  • Daily sync. Maintain disaster recovery readiness with daily sync of storage, monitoring and reporting.

Superna and VAST Data

Superna brings a unified solution that enables cyberstorage
capabilities for the VAST Data Platform.

Data Security

Two-way security integrations into native SIEM and SOAR infrastructures.

Data Resiliency

Surgical recovery of last-known-good version of files.

Recovery Time Objective

RTO of seconds or minutes – not days, weeks… or never.

Superna and VAST Data

The VAST Data Platform, coupled with Superna, enables an enhanced cybersecurity posture that provides a proven, market-leading offering for proactive data security and cyberstorage that perfectly complements VAST’s existing data management portfolio.

Seamless Integration

Designed with intention to provide a native experience for customers to expand the capabilities of the VAST Data Platform.

Improved Business Continuity

Mitigate the impact of attacks, facilitating uninterrupted business operations.

Preferred Protection Levels

Choose the solution that aligns with your company’s processes, and specific needs.

Comprehensive Security

Multi-layered defense, including behavioral data, providing protection against both known and emerging ransomware threats.

Ease of Integration

Integrates into your existing cybersecurity infrastructure, enhancing your defense without disrupting your workflow and your process.

Heterogeneous Environments

As many people undertake initiatives like move to cloud, repatriation, and diversification of storage (intentional or not), the ability to provide a consistent approach everywhere is essential.

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Superna provides an active defense of your storage systems and their data against cyberattacks through prevention, early detection and blocking of attacks.

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