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Ransomware Defender

Detect. Respond. Recover.

Automatically detect anomalous behavior and exfiltration events with Superna’s ransomware defender capabilities.

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Increase in ransomware attacks and online threats since February, 2023
Of small and medium-sized businesses shut down within 6 months post-cyber attack
In cost on average for a data breach in 2023

Why choose Superna for ransomware defense?

Superna’s automated cyber recovery capability restores data automatically – allowing recovery of your critical data in minutes.

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How Superna can help your organization

Full Protection

Reduce the costly business downtime associated with ransomware threats.

Save resources and time

Secure file and object data across hybrid cloud architectures anytime, anywhere on any storage architecture.

Instant Coverage

Ensure instantaneous response to threats and immediate restoration of clean data.

The ransomware defense tool you need to defend your business from cyberthreats

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Ransomware Defense
Universal Ransomware Protection
Protect critical business data wherever it lives with fully automated ransomware detection.

Ransomware Defense Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions we receive about ransomware defense and our answers.

Who is most affected by ransomware?

All organizations, big and small, have become targets of ransomware. With the move towards a hybrid workforce, threat actors are taking advantage of weakened networks for their own gain. As access to the tools used for malicious purposes increases, so has the volume of attacks on a global scale.

What is your best defense against ransomware?

When selecting a ransomware defender to protect your business’s critical data from online threats, our solution detects malicious behavior at the data layer. Where a malicious file dropped at the right time and location would otherwise result in the replication of ransomware across your storage and network, our ransomware detection allows us to cut access immediately and defend against ransomware threats.

Enhanced data security is here.

Increase your defensive capabilities and better defend your data with Superna.

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