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Long-term Data Archiving Solutions

Smart Archiving

Reduce storage costs with intelligent long- term data archiving solutions and simplify data archive and recall to the cloud.

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Worldwide email users projected by the end of 2024
Of all corporate data is stored in the cloud
Of users follow poor data archiving practices

Why choose Superna for smart archiving?

All file systems have cold data consuming unnecessary space. Smart Archive streamlines storage archiving in the cloud where we also offer data protection capabilities.

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How Superna can help your organization

End-to-end Data Management

Data archiving solutions that allow the automated S3 archival tiering and retrieval for AWS, Azure, and Google.

Universal Cloud Storage

Automated identification of cold data, data migration to lower cost storage, and recall of archive data.

Automated Cloud Tiering

Lowers costs with the use of low-cost deep archive tiers for full data recall transparency.

The smart achieve tools you need to store your data more cost-efficiently

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Smart Archive
Data Management Made Simple
Simplify your organization’s data archiving and recall, reducing cost and improving efficiency

Smart Archive Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions we receive about Smart Archive and our answers.

What is long-term archiving?

When you store data of various data formats in data archives, storage quickly becomes exponentially expensive. Using the right tools and identifying which data you engage with most and least frequently allows you to put less frequently utilized data into long-term storage that is often less costly.

Which storage option is preferred for long-time data archiving?

Although there are a number of archiving services available for long- term retention, whichever archiving solution you choose needs to be protected from threat actors. Superna has solutions that provide data security for on-premises, in the hybrid multi- cloud, and AWS S3.

Streamline your data archiving.

Save your team time, effort, and resources, and reduce data storage costs with Superna.

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