Smart Archiving
Reduce storage costs with intelligent data archiving and simplify data archive and recall to the cloud.
All files systems have cold data consuming unnecessary space. Smart Archive streamlines storage archiving.
What is Smart Data Archiving?
End to End Data Management
Universal Cloud Storage
Automated Cloud Tiering
Automated identification of cold data, data migration to lower cost storage and recall of archive data.
Lowers costs savings with the use of low-cost deep archive tiers for full data recall transparency.
Automated S3 archival tiering and retrieval for AWS, Azure, and Google.
As data ages its use and value to the business changes. A core requirement for data administrators is to understand access patterns and data lifecycles with the goal of moving data to a storage architectures that optimizes long term storage costs.

Organizations need to collaborate in real time; that means real time access to production data and workflows. However, perpetual data access for all phases of the lifecycle is critical for business operations. This requires storage that provides improved performance for all workflows.
How Smart Archiving Works
Improve your return on investment with Superna Smart Archiving.
Superna uses behavioral analysis to identify workflows that have performance impacts, spots performance anomalies and determines root cause performance issues.

Suprena’s automated archive policies also offer long term storage requirements with immutable options for legal compliance. Superna applies automated archive policies across file and object storage regardless of where the data is stored.
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