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Data Protection for Hybrid Cloud Environments

Superna and Dell deliver the world’s most secure file and object storage solution for the hybrid cloud.

Superna and Dell PowerScale

Superna cyber protection and orchestration offers unparalleled protection for Dell Isilon/PowerScale.

Intelligent Archiving

Delivers the lowest cost support with highly efficient and resilient active archive storage or long-term data retention for large-scale data archives.

Simplicity at Scale

Flexible scale-out storage with a “grow-as-you-go” basis, eliminates over provisioning and reduces the cost of managing your growing data lake.

Protection for Scale-Out Storage

Easily manage the entire data lifecycle, with trusted backup, orchestration, and archival of critical data.

Superna and Dell ECS

The growth of unstructured file and object data is driving the adoption of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud storage environments. Together, Superna and Dell deliver a combined next-generation storage solution that reduces costs, simplifies management, and secures data and workflows from ransomware and other cyberthreats.

Next-Gen Object Storage

An integrated solution designed to store and secure modern data workloads.

Innovative Security

Zero day cyberthreat mitigation with real-time attack detection, and streamlined recovery from disaster events.

Cost-Optimized Storage

Reduce redundant storage silos with a seamless hybrid cloud platform that provides exabyte-scale storage capabilities.

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Superna provides an active defense of your storage systems and their data against cyberattacks through prevention, early detection and blocking of attacks.

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