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Data Security + Cyberstorage for a Leading Engineering Firm

  • Date: Dec 14, 2023
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Superna Provides Data Security + Cyberstorage for A Leading Engineering Firm


As this engineering firm began outgrowing their infrastructure, and with the switch to remote work being accelerated by the pandemic, they needed an unstructured data storage solution that offered additional data protection as they scaled.

One of the many responsibilities of this client’s IT department includes supporting users in recovering files and folders, which could often take up valuable time and resources.


  • Since 2021, this consulting firm has been utilizing Superna for a number of functions, primarily in data security from ransomware.
  • Additionally, Superna allows their IT department to restrict access from users exhibiting malicious activity, preventing breaches and data exfiltration.
  • One more way this client leverages Superna is for its search capabilities, allowing the team to efficiently and effectively sift through over 14 million files and 50 terabytes of data to support their users.

“Before we implemented [Superna], we had been compromised and hit by ransomware several times. This was years ago, on Windows file servers. [Superna] has alleviated the burden on the helpdesk and the IT department because we’re not policing Windows machines that are hosting files anymore. This is a purpose-built, wholly integrated solution for us, so we don’t feel like we’re the low hanging fruit anymore.”

— Director of Information Technology


  • Data Protection. “Superna helps us with disaster recovery and failover. In the event that one of my [file-servers] is down, we don’t really have to think too much about what’s going to happen – the plan is there, because Superna has defined that solution for us.“
  • Efficiency. “After everything was set up, we were able to focus on other things. This has reduced a lot of manual maintenance… the Superna technology stack has just improved security all around and eliminated certain maintenance tasks.“
  • Time Savings. “[Superna’s] cutting hours off of our work, especially for legal cases – for special requests where we actually have to go in and try and find as much information as possible. There’s value in the data that we can wring out now that we have a solution that lets us dive deeper.”

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