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Unstructured Data Archive Solutions

Ensure business continuity with uncorrupted, redundant data replication

Superna offers unstructured data archive solutions that deliver unmatched search and recovery capabilities for all file and object data for hybrid cloud storage architectures.

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Of users rarely or never back up their data
Of all users had to recover from a data backup at least once in the last year
Of IT managers spend time on data protection and performing weekly data backups

Why choose Superna for data backup and archiving?

Effortless backup and data archiving means easy data restoration in the event of a failure or a malicious cyber event, saving you time, effort, and money.

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How Superna can help your organization

Smart Performance

Partial and full copy modes integrate with data lifecycle policies for aging out data to archive storage.

Smart Copy

Improve data management with enhanced data copy workflows for large data sets to improve bandwidth performance for backup and archival of data.

Smart Archiving

Maintain data tiering – especially for cold data – to drive down storage and recall costs for archived data.

The data backup and archive tool you need to ensure business continuity and mitigate revenue disruption

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Data Backup & Archive
Disaster Recovery
Simplify and lower the cost of protecting unstructured data against zero-day cyberattacks and data leakage.

Data Backup & Archive Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions we receive about data backup and archive and our answers.

What is a data archiving solution?

A data archiving solution is a platform that can be used to aid your team in improving effectiveness and efficiency in the long-term storage of your organization’s files and data. When your organization’s data becomes too much, and you need to maintain records for regulatory compliance, a beneficial data management practice that allows for a reduction in storage costs includes putting your less frequently used data into deep storage. Although this information will be less important to your day to day, it may still prove to be essential data, and as such, will still require its own level of data security.

What are the types of backups that can be done within an enterprise network system?

The types of backups that can be done within an enterprise network system include full, differential, and incremental.

Ready to ensure business continuity with data replication?

Start protecting your organization’s mission- critical data with the world-class data protection, backup, and archiving solutions offered by Superna.

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