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Protecting Against Cyberthreats at the Data Layer

Superna and Qumulo work together, defending your unstructured data and unified data storage.

Superna and Qumulo

Superna Ransomware Defender™ fortifies your Qumulo storage ecosystem.

Real-Time Threat Detection

Automates malicious behavior detection, real-time behavior detection, manual and automated false-positive detection.

Ransomware Defense

Defends against untrusted or malicious data behaviors, including ransomware, exfiltration, mass delete, and untrusted network access in object storage.

Compliance and Forensics

Tracks and reports file access history for compliance purposes, as well as prior to attacks for a more effective incident analysis and more accurate incident response.

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Superna provides an active defense of your storage systems and their data against cyberattacks through prevention, early detection and blocking of attacks.

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