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Why Superna?

Cyber is the new face of disaster… and prevention is the new recovery

Superna’s data-first approach to data security allows you to quickly identify and lock-out bad actors (both internal and external) to prevent exfiltrations and mass deletes.

Global ransomware damage cost predicted to exceed $265 billion U.S. by 2031. 1
Nearly 75% of organizations reported experiencing at least one cyber incident in the previous 12 months.
The cyber insurance market is expected to nearly double from 2021 to $14.8 billion in 2025

How Superna Works

Cyberstorage: Cyberdefense at the data layer.

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Cyber defense at the data layer.

Most IT security investments are at the Network and Application layers. Superna’s data-first approach fortifies the data layer against anomalous behavior.

Cyberstorage Protection

Superna’s data-first approach helps isolate, detect, and recover from cyber intrusion.

Workflow automation reduces risk, saves time, and aids compliance.

With built-in automation and scaling, Superna gives time back to IT for other important initiatives.

Learn how Superna can secure your data, on-prem and in the hybrid cloud.

Superna’s data-first approach secures your data, wherever it resides.

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