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Disaster Recovery built for Dell Isilon & PowerScale

Enhanced disaster recovery in Dell Isilon & PowerScale environments with a solution based on the “cluster witness” concept.

File-based storage is growing faster than any other data type in the enterprise. Your business-critical data needs to be protected with a comprehensive, high-availability disaster recovery solution. Dell’s Isilon/PowerScale SyncIQ enables flexible management and automation of data replication. It allows data from one cluster to be replicated to one or more target clusters to protect the data.

But replicating data is only part of what’s needed to achieve your RTO and RPO targets. Superna® Disaster Recovery Edition plus SyncIQ combine to enhance DR for Dell Isilon/PowerScale infrastructure. It protects configuration and real data (share, NFS, quota, snapshots), and enables simulated DR testing and reporting.

Quick, efficient replication

Disaster Recovery requires quick and efficient replication of critical business data to a secondary site.

Dell’s SyncIQ delivers high-performance, asynchronous replication of data, providing protection from both local site and regional disasters, to satisfy a range of recovery objectives. SyncIQ’s robust policy-driven engine allows customization of replication datasets to minimize system impact while still meeting data protection requirements.

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Highlights of Superna's Disaster Recovery Edition

  • Continuous Disaster Recovery Readiness Monitoring; more than 30 different validations are monitored between clusters
  • Automated, one button failover for NFS and SMB
  • Failover whole or partial clusters
  • Automatically monitors required cluster settings (data, configuration, active directory) to ensure failover availability; sends near-real-time alerts upon detection of conditions that block failover
  • Global DR Readiness Dashboard for Isilon/PowerScale file services
  • Based on best practices established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
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Learn more about Superna's Superna Data Insights Edition

Enhanced disaster recovery in Dell Isilon/PowerScale environments with a solution based on the “cluster witness” concept.

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Key Features of Superna's Disaster Recovery Edition

Observability at scale allows you to predict and resolve problems before they impact users or operations

Supports multiple clusters (Hot/Cold & Hot/Hot cluster configs).

DR Readiness Dashboard for instant status of data/configuration sync status between production and DR clusters

Automatic sync of configuration properties (SMB, AD, NFS)

Disaster Recovery Automation and orchestration

Third-Party Integrations with ServiceNow, Webhooks for workflow automation

Cluster RTO/RPO and configuration reporting

Automatic Inventory/Discovery of PowerScale cluster configuration shares/exports, permissions, quotas and SyncIQ policies.

Intelligent replication (only changes are replicated) of shares/exports required to access data protected by each SyncIQ policy.

Automated DR Testing

VMware virtual appliance with simplified DR Dashboard View across clusters.

Automatic audit of target DR cluster config data raises alarms if source and destination DR configurations are not in sync.

Visual alarms and events for real-time notification of synchronization failures.

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