Superna for AWS
Detect, analyze, and respond to ransomware or other malicious activity threats in your AWS S3 buckets.
Digital transformation has changed the way data is accessed, managed, stored, and protected. Cloud storage on AWS provides a scalable, flexible and cost-effective hybrid cloud storage option – but your critical data must also be secured.

Worldwide, a cyberattack attack occurs every 11 seconds, with the average cost of a ransomware attack exceeding $2M. Organizations of all sizes and in all industries are at risk of advanced – constantly evolving – data-hostage threats.
Cloud Data Security for S3
Protect and Secure Data
When unstructured data moves to cloud, security needs to move with it. Superna ransomware defense for AWS monitors all access to S3 buckets and analyzes data access behavior for indications of ransomware or other malicious activity.

Superna provides universal file and object threat mitigation for your hybrid cloud environments with a converged orchestration and security platform. Move critical data to the cloud more efficiently. Manage backups and archive data more effectively. Search and recover data more quickly. Audit and analyze data more extensively. Protect data from leakage, ransomware, and cyberthreats more completely.
Ransomware Defense for S3
Reduce threat risks
Orchestration for Cyber Resiliency
Organizations are leveraging mass amounts of unstructured data to generate business value. However the data must first make its way into cloud-hosted data vaults to do so. To ensure data fidelity, you need to secure your data at the data layer long before your data begins its journey into the cloud.

See how Superna orchestration allows you to simply and securely copy data from a secure, on-prem storage server to an Amazon S3 cloud-hosted Data Vault that's protected by Superna Defender for AWS.
Ransomware Protection
Detect, analyze, and respond to malicious activity threats in S3 buckets.
Threat Protection
Universal threat protection for your file and object data.
Data Protection
Protect organizational data from cybercriminals and ransomware attacks.
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