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Unstructured Data Security Solution for Media & Entertainment

Superna helps the media & entertainment Iindustry protect its most valuable assets

Technology has completely transformed the media and entertainment industry. With issues arising from lack of organization, massive amounts of data being generated by a multitude of sources, inconsistent formats, and frequent collaboration among different stakeholders, emerging technologies and more collaborative workflows have added complexity to protecting the unstructured data generated.

For more than a decade, Superna has been at the forefront of protecting and managing unstructured data around the globe. Our tools, technology, and domain expertise help ensure that your unstructured data is protected, secure, and available when and where you need it.

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Emerging technologies and collaborative workflows add complexity to protecting unstructured data

From pre-production, audio, and video to cutting-edge special effects to streaming media and new delivery channels, technology has irrevocably altered the creative industry. In doing so, it’s also created a significant new challenge: How to protect and manage enormous amounts of unstructured data?


Unlike data created and managed in databases, unstructured data doesn’t have a specific format or organization. It’s used – often collaboratively – in the creation of entertainment products and may be repurposed for marketing and distribution. And in all cases, it needs to be protected against unauthorized access and even piracy.

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How Superna can help your organization

Emerging technologies in the media industry and collaborative workflows add complexity to protecting unstructured data, requiring increased data security that was previously unnecessary in the industry.

Data Organization

Unstructured data typically lacks organization. Without clear labels, metadata, or defined data fields, it can be difficult to classify and even more challenging to identify sensitive data requiring protection.

Data Volume

With unstructured data being generated by a multitude of sources – including social media, emails, documents, images, and videos – the sheer volume and rate of growth requires the ability to easily manage across different storage types and regions, adding to the challenge of identifying and protecting sensitive information, along with maintaining regulatory compliance.

Inconsistent Formats

Comprising a multitude of formats, including Word documents, PDFs, PowerPoint files, images, audio files, and multiple video formats, creating a consistent and effective security strategy can be a challenge.

Frequent Collaboration

Unstructured data is often shared among different stakeholders – including employees, vendors, partners, contractors, even artificial intelligence – creating yet more unstructured data – making it difficult to restrict access to sensitive information and prevent data leakage.

No Centralized Storage

Unstructured data is often stored across several locations – from shared drives and mobile devices to cloud storage across multiple regions – making it difficult to keep track of and adequately protect.

Superna’s Capabilities for Media & Entertainment

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Media & Entertainment
Digital transformation turned the entertainment industry on its head
For more than a decade, Superna has been at the forefront of protecting and managing unstructured data around the globe. Media and entertainment companies turn to us for our tried, tested, and true solutions.

Media & Entertainment Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions we receive about the media and entertainment industry and our answers.

How can we keep our multimedia files and content safe from unauthorized access?

With the increased approach to global data production and distribution, it is no surprise that this shift from centralized management to international collaboration has also started to impact the media industry. When dealing with the data security of intellectual property, the same best practices that are used in multinational companies across the globe can be applied to the media and entertainment industry.

What makes protecting videos, audio, and scripts different from safeguarding other types of data?

The lines between protecting the various types of data across different industries are beginning to blur. Much like other high-engagement data in other industries, the media and entertainment industry is seeing a boom in content creation and collaboration. As new video is recorded, it is then passed to teams for editing and post- production, oftentimes in different sites, states, and even countries before the final product is produced. As more stakeholders and contributors are added, the more hands that the data will need to go through, the difficulty and importance of increased data security and cyber storage will grow.

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