Discover, protect and preserve business critical data
Superna provides real-time event auditing and data search capabilities that maintains data integrity for reporting and analytics of access, usage and data change events.
Data Discovery & Compliance
Manage billions of files with an easy-to-operate, enterprise class solution that delivers scalable search and analytics.
Why Superna for data discovery and compliance?
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Filing Status
Usage Metrics
Quickly and easily search file system data crucial for regulatory compliance reporting requirements.
Gain visibility into data usage with efficient self service search eDiscovery tools for GDPR, PCI, HIPAA and legal discovery.
Ensure up-to-date file status, even when data is on the move and files are constantly moving or changing.
Uncontrolled data sprawl drives increased storage costs and operational complexity. Understanding the entire data lifecycle is fundamental for managing unstructured data across multiple architectures.

Organizations require the ability to perform advanced searches on last accessed, created or modified versions of unstructured data for orchestration, management, analytics and reporting. Superna delivers unmatched search and recover capabilities for all file and object data for hybrid cloud storage architectures.

Simplify and lower the cost of auditing for compliance, malicious data leakage events or accidental data loss.
Audit and Compliance
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Continuous synchronization, backup and archival of critical data.
Manage and secure your unstructured data