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Data Orchestration & Security for a Top 100 in America’s Best Colleges

  • Date: Dec 14, 2023
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Superna Provides Data Orchestration & Security for a Top 100 in America’s Best Colleges


Given the directive by their CIO and senior leadership, this university was tasked with identifying and implementing a solution that would further protect their data.

They also needed solution to simplify their previously painful failover process.


  • Implemented in late 2020, this client has been leveraging Superna’s suite of data orchestration and data security tools to not only streamline internal processes to ensure reliable failover, but have also been confidently using features to enable file auditing and ransomware detection to provide additional layers of data security in their environments.
  • One of the newer services they have leveraged includes Superna’s Observer Service, which provides real-time access to our professional service experts to assist in the process of failovers, acting as an additional level of support.

“It was an excellent decision to go with [Superna]. I can’t really put a price to it, because data, at the end of the day, is priceless, and this allows us to protect our data.”

— Director of Information Technology


  • Automation. “It has definitely helped us automate a lot of the steps that would allow a failover from our production NAS cluster to our DR NAS cluster. Just going by memory, we had over 30 different steps when we used to engage in the process. When Superna was implemented, that was reduced to 10 or 13 steps.“
  • Reliability. “It gives us the functionality that we expect out of the product and makes [failover] reliable, makes it efficient for us, and it simplifies the entire process.”
  • Time Savings. “Before, [failover] required a lot of planning. In what would’ve taken 45 minutes to an hour in a manual failover attempt, with Superna, it barely lasts 5-10 minutes.”

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