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DefendX – A Superna Company

DefendX has integrated with Superna

Marking a significant milestone in our company’s evolution, we’ve united capabilities and have refined our product lineup to provide our clients with a more robust offering.

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Data Security Essentials

Control File Auditor and Control QFS have joined forces

These DefendX solutions have combined to provide you a more powerful solution, all in a single product. Learn more about Superna’s Data Security Essentials.

Ransomware protection at the storage layer

Unstructured… and unprotected

While organizations have taken steps to harden databases, unstructured data has become the new front in the war against cybercriminals. Attackers can and will encrypt data and demand ransom, permanently delete or exfiltrate data for sale on the dark web, even conduct corporate espionage. Your best defense is agood offense.

Detect both bad actors and insider threats

Superna’s Data Security Essentials allows you to protect sensitive data from suspicious activity indicative of malicious behaviors and even insider threats.

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