Superna DefenderTM
for AWS

Today's most reliable platform for protecting unstructured data in your Amazon S3 buckets. Offers comprehensive control and security over your business-critical data, to help protect against a constantly-evolving threat landscape.

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Superna Defender for AWS
Real-time security for object data stored in AWS S3

Provides monitoring, alerting, and automated lockout of accounts with malicious object data IO patterns. Licensed per bucket, and available as a subscription, with bucket bundle options available. Brings on-prem security for unstructured data to the hybrid cloud.

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Superna's unique approach for secuing your unstructured data in the AWS Cloud enables:
Superna Defender for AWS
Increased Security
Regulatory Compliance
Faster Recovery From Cyber Events
24x7 monitoring of user access to your S3 buckets for real-time data protection; automatically detect anomalous behavior and lock-down malicious activity
Help ensure business continuity and minimize disruption with data backups, archiving, and root cause analysis of data breaches
Auditing and reporting tools aid compliance with a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape
Unstructured data attacks are increasing in both frequency and cost – with new attacks occurring every 11 seconds costing organizations over $3 million per attack. Cybercriminals leverage a multi-vector approach to find vulnerabilities across operating systems, endpoints, networks and storage architectures and hold systems or data hostage until the ransom is paid.

With the global cyberthreat market growing into a multi-billion dollar business for attackers, how can you help ensure that your data is protected?

Superna Defender for AWS provides universal file and object threat mitigation for hybrid cloud environments, with a converged orchestration and security platform designed for hybrid cloud storage architectures.
We empower companies through world-class data solutions
Superna is an industry leader in managing, protecting and securing unstructured data across any hybrid cloud environment. With global operations and thousands of customers across all verticals, Superna delivers a scalable, secure and easy to orchestrate platform to secure data wherever it lives.

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