Managing Your
Unstructured Data at Scale
Superna's Andrew MacKay and Derek Manning discuss the challenges of managing unstructured data at scale, and how you can better protect your data, both on-prem and in the hybrid cloud.

As AI is used more and more in the enterprise, unstructured data growth is exploding! Data without a predefined data model or organization – things like text documents, chat, social media posts, images, videos, audio recordings, and more – has created new challenges around everything from classification to forensics to privacy, and unsurprisingly, how to effectively (and securely) store and share it all. And since the data output produced by AI is basically 100% unstructured, that growth will be exponential... and you need to quickly find a way to manage it all.

Join us on Tue, Jun 20 at 11am Eastern (8am Pacific) for a lively panel discussion in which we’ll highlight some of the common challenges, as well as tools and best practices for managing your unstructured data at scale, both on-prem and in the multi-cloud.

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Our speakers
  • Andrew MacKay
  • Derek Manning
    VP, Technical Pre-Sales
  • David Orban
    Director, Product Marketing