Recorded live on December 14th, 2022
Cybersecurity Best Practices and Real World Scenarios with Superna + Dell
Learn expert advice on protecting your business critical data and hear first-hand why businesses are turning to Superna and Dell to enhance their defenses against cyber threats.
The digital landscape is ever changing and so are the methods of protecting your business data from online threats.
Listen in as Andrew Gonçalves VP of Customer Experience at Superna walks through best practices in cyber security along with Dell representatives Christopher Mahovich and Craig Coe.
More about our speakers
  • Andrew Gonçalves
    VP of Customer Experience at Superna
    Andrew has 15 years of experience in customer-facing roles, ranging from pre-sales, professional services, and customer support. In his current role, he manages the support and professional services teams and oversees all of Superna’s cybersecurity deployments globally.
  • Christopher Mahovich
    Senior Systems Engineer at Dell
    Christopher has been with Dell for over half a decade working with their unstructured data solutions, with previous experience including Isilon management for a large financial organization.
  • Craig Coe
    Enterprise Account Executive at Dell
    Craig has been providing unparalleled service with Dell for almost two decades identifying opportunities and matching businesses with the solutions that drive their operations.
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