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How to Protect Your Object Data in AWS S3 with Superna
New technologies and storage services bring increased efficiencies and productivity, but also new avenues for cyber threats to target your business critical data.
Cybersecurity Best Practices and Real World Scenarios with Superna + Dell
Learn expert advice on protecting your business critical data and hear first-hand why businesses are turning to Superna and Dell to enhance their defenses.
Superna Defender for AWS Showcase & Roadmap
The last several years have seen an accelerated migration of business data to the cloud. Learn what you can do to protect your AWS S3 data with Superna today.
Thought Leadership Papers
Securing the Future of Media Production, Post and Creative Technologies with Superna
What's wrong with security solutions today....they didn't evolve the problem statement
Hybrid Cloud Architectures are broken.... It's all about the Data
Thought Leadership paper
Solution Briefs
Superna GDPR Solution Brief
Superna HIPAA Solution Brief
vmware Ready