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Written in collaboration with Vectra and Dell Technologies, this white paper identifies how a proactive approach to data protection can yield better results
A Unique Approach
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Who should read this?
The continuity of your business and the protection of business critical data in the face of rising cyber threats rests on your shoulders.

This white paper will be of interest to:
  • IT Leaders and Storage Administrators
  • Cyber Security Professionals
  • C-Suite Executives
Key Takeaways You'll Learn
  • 1
    Today's Threat Landscape
    What solutions and practices are in place today and why they're no longer an effective means of combatting increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.
  • 2
    The Foundations of a Data First Approach
    There is no "one-size fits all" solution that will work for all businesses, however a proactive approach can reduce the damages incurred following a cyber attack and minimize disruption of the business, before and after events.
  • 3
    Processes and Technology You Can Adopt
    What solutions are available today that you can incorporate with your business practices to ensure a Data First approach to data protection and cyber security.
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