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Superna Announces ServiceNow Integration
API integration with ServiceNow allows users to seamlessly integrate storage security into a real-time triage process, enhancing data security
Best Practices for Object Data Cleansing and Transformation in AWS
Follow these best practices for object data cleansing and transformation in AWS and unlock the true value of your organization's data assets.
Planning an Object Data Migration to AWS from On-Premises
Follow these guidelines and successfully migrate your data to the AWS cloud, enabling scalability, flexibility, and modernization of workloads.
Protecting the Data that Feeds your AI Strategy
Generative AI is creating massive amounts of unstructured data. Protecting that data requires a data-first approach. Learn more here.

Introduction to Object Data in AWS

Enhancing Cloud Security with AWS Security and Automated Incident Response

Closing the Gap between Data and Security

What can be done to bridge the gap between a more aggressive security risk landscape and an increasingly distributed production data footprint?
Unleashing the Power of Unstructured Data
Protecting and managing unstructured data requires a different approach. Learn all about it here.
Cloud-Based Cyber Vault
Deep Dive with AWS and Superna
Join AWS and Superna for a deeper dive into Cloud-Based Cyber Vaults in this Part 2 follow-up to our webinar on Defending Against Ransomware
Safeguarding Environments
with a Cloud-Based Cyber Vault
Given increasingly sophisticated and more frequent ransomware attacks, your prevention and recovery strategies need to be as comprehensive as the attacks themselves.
Managing Data Workflows
for the Hybrid Cloud
Learn why prevention is the new recovery, as Superna discusses the challenges of managing data workflows and unstructured data both on-prem and in the hybrid cloud.
Managing Your
Unstructured Data at Scale
Superna's Andrew MacKay and Derek Manning will discuss the challenges of managing unstructured data at scale, and how you can better protect your data, both on-prem and in the hybrid cloud.
How to Protect Your Object Data in AWS S3 with Superna
New technologies and storage services bring increased efficiencies and productivity, but also new avenues for cyber threats to target your business critical data.
Cybersecurity Best Practices and Real World Scenarios with Superna + Dell
Learn expert advice on protecting your business critical data and hear first-hand why businesses are turning to Superna and Dell to enhance their defenses.
Superna Defender for AWS Showcase & Roadmap
The last several years have seen an accelerated migration of business data to the cloud. Learn what you can do to protect your AWS S3 data with Superna today.
White Papers
The Impact of Machine Learning on Cyber Storage Solutions
Protecting Your Patient's Medical Images
Evolving from Data Protection to Data Security
Securing the Future of Media Production, Post and Creative Technologies with Superna
What's wrong with security solutions today? They didn't evolve the problem statement
Hybrid Cloud Architectures are broken.... It's all about the Data
Solution Briefs
Superna GDPR Solution Brief
Superna HIPAA Solution Brief
VMware Ready