Defending Against Ransomware, Part 2:
Cloud-Based Cyber Vault Deep Dive
with AWS and Superna
(Recorded live on Tues, Sep 12, 11 am ET)

In Part 1, we covered the increasing value of data, trends in new data services, and why a hybrid approach to data security is winning with customers. We also discussed why many financial services customers are looking to the cloud to protect their mission-critical data assets, and shared insights on battle-tested data management and ransomware defense solutions for AWS.

Join us as we take an even deeper dive on the effectiveness of cloud-based cyber vaults for protecting your data with AWS and Superna.

Our speakers
  • Kyle Fransham
    VP of R&D at Superna

  • Tom Tasker
    AWS Senior Storage Solution Architect, Global Financial Services
  • Dave Orban
    Director of Product Marketing at Superna
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